Thursday, 27 January 2011

when do u know who your friends are? how do u know who to belive i wish i new what a shit day :'(

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

work ex was amazing as usual. think im the only person on theis planet that catually like having lodes of marking to do make me feel like a proper teacher :) lets just hope i get in to uni which remind me i need to check ucas......naa theres nothing :/ aww well hospital tommorow, diet starts  next tuesday after exam are over and tangled on sat :) what a week :P
Good morning ! First and only lesson, Macbeth, however got pringles so life is a bit better. Wish people would be less melodramatic it's juts a headache for godsake. why have people put a downer on my good mood :(

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

god what a day! having recovered from the realisation that im probably going to fail my theatre exam on monday by only getting 45% on my mock i managed to tear  my self out of bed having finally fell asleep only to enter the hell that is A level history why do i waste my life in this pontless lesson. followed by sitting round till 4th lesson only to sit another mock question for theatre which i clearly faild due to the fact i spent 10 mins wriing WHATS THE POINT BEING HERE on another piece of paper lets hope the exam goes better than that :/
wow first ever blog. i cant claim to know what the hell im doing :P.
well my life so far....
i was born on the 12th april 1993, the second child of the stamps. I have a sister shes 21 studying to be an architect. i have 5 cousins another on the way. 3 + the unborn one on my dads, 2 on my mams. im currently at college studying english lit, history and theatre studies and hopefully in september i will be going to uni to become a primaryschool teacher however thats quite unlikely as having applied to 4 unis iv heard nothing from 3 and been rejected by 1. i have quite a large group of friends but only about 3 really close friends so yeah your ur probably up to date :)